Trekking in the West Coast is one of the Atlantic Coast Surf School activities offer.

Trekking in the West Coast come in 2 levels: simple and hard.

Atlantic Coast trekking sessions

Some characteristics Location: around Porto Novo; Difficulty: Medium; Route: Linear Duration: Depends how long you want to wonder in the nature and enjoy the views. And how long you take to drink your coffee or beer!  

Trekking in the West Coast sessions are some times, around Porto Novo area. This route is along the Alcabrichel river, it is about a kilometer away. We also find animals in the river: Mallard, Snowy Egret and Moorhen. Other time we follow the tracks through the cliffs along the Atlantic Coast. The terrain that is found is irregular, transforming into a scenery of spontaneous nature. This route has several trails and people look to practice sports in nature. With the sea always close by, walk a beautiful green landscape on top of the mountain with a warm sun, huge waves and a cool wind. You can glimpse imposing cliffs and golden sand beaches. Fall in love with the breathtaking sunset.


“Água do Vimeiro” History

On this trekking we can also know about a story time. In 1318, Queen Santa Isabel was sick. She was healed by with help of a water with properties and virtues. It was Vimeiro water. And that’s how it all started, Vimeiro water was recognized as “Água Santa do Vimeiro”. Vimeiro holy water.  After several decades and centuries, in 1893 by King D. Carlos classified these waters as mineral and medicinal. Initially a property of the Friares of Penafirme, the concession for the exploitation of Águas Santas do Vimeiro was granted to José Pedro Cardoso in 1896, for an unlimited period. Currently, these pure and medical waters can be found in supermarkets and mini-markets. These waters are also recommended by doctors for their characteristics and properties. 

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