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Atlantic Coast Surf School FAQ

How can I Make a booking?

The easiest way is by clicking on BOOKINGS/CONTACT, where you can choose the dates and surf packages.
You can also contact us by EMAIL.
Feel free to use our CHAT anytime you want.

Are you open all year round?

Yes, we never close. However contact us in advance, please.

Can I also rent extra equipment such as surfboards, wetsuits, beach chairs, etc.?

Of course you can. Please let us know in advance what you need, and we will provide you with everything. An extensive list of extra equipment and their prices can be found here.

Do I have to rent a car?

No, but it’s a plus for you. It’s a great region to go explore.

What should we bring?

Besides your personal belongings, you should bring:
sun block for the face (you can also use Zink cream for sensitive areas like, nose, lips and cheeks)
aloe vera (relieves sunburn)
sunglasses and cap
waterproof ear plugs if you have “sensitive” ears or hearing problems. •
The temperature in Portugal drops down quite a bit when the sun goes down, so make sure you bring some warm clothes (jacket, pants, long sleeves, pullover) as well as your beach gear.
The rest you can get from us! Check extras.

In what language will we communicate with atlantic coast?

English is the common language. However we can do it in French, German or Spanish. Off course we can do it in Portuguese if you prefer!:)

Do we have to arrive on a certain day, i.e. Saturday to Saturday?

No, you can come on any day of the week.

Which one is the closest airport to fly in?


Does the surf lessons include an insurance with atlantic coast?


Will I manage to stand up on the surfboard?

It depends on the person, but we can guarantee we put a lot of love and dedication on teaching you the basics of surfing. And with the 5 days surf course (2x day) you have the most probability of standing up and surf.

I don’t know how to swim, can I join the surf lessons?

Yes. Just let us know that. Any way we’re always close to you and teach you all the safety rules you need to know.

Do i need to have any experience to join the surf lessons?

No, we teach individually, you don’t have to adapt to the lesson, we adapt to You.

In what language are the surf lessons with atlantic coast?

English is the common language for the surf lessons. However we can do it in French, Spanish or in German. Off course you can have it in Portuguese if you prefer!:)

Which package is the best to learn or improve my surf?

It’s the 5 days surf course (2x day). It’s planned to maximize your learning. The more time you are spending with us, bigger your progress will be.
After many years of teaching surf, there is no doubt 2 lessons of 1:30h per day is the best formula to learn surf and have time to put in practice and enjoy the amazing feeling of riding waves.

Will I get surf lessons with you? Do you have any experience teaching?

Yes, we have more than 10 years’ experience on professional surf teaching. With Portuguese Surf Federation Level 1 and 2 certification. And ISA (International Surfing Association)

Can I have surf lessons every day?

Yes, we provide surf lessons every day of the week, including weekends.

How many hours a day do i stay in the water?

One lesson is 1:30h, so you should be around 1:15h in the water, depending on your level. With the most popular package with 2 lessons/day, you stay around 3 hour’s total.

How many people per teacher are on the surf lessons?

On average you should have a ratio of 3 to 6 people per teacher. But it’s never more than 8.

Is there a minimum number of people for the surf lessons?

No. We can teach one traveller. When you come on a big group, we divide the students by groups of no more than 8 persons per teacher.

Do you give private lessons?

Yes, but only if we have one of the teachers available. We usually arrange it on the weekends.
And like on the group lessons, you don’t need to have any experience to join the surf lessons.

How many people per teacher are on the VIP surf lessons?

It depends if you want to have it alone, or with 2 or 3 friends. But it’s never more than 4 people per teacher.

What age is possible to start surfing?

Any Age! If there isn’t any physic or pathologic limitation for the practice of the sport. Our academy surfing instructors are also all of them physic education teachers, used to lead with little kids. From 6 to 70 years.

You give surf classes to what levels?

All levels!

Surf & Accomodation

Will I have enough time to explore the region, getting one surf package?

Yes. You’ll have time to both enjoy the beach and explore the region, and of course to have fun with a bit of party

Are the Surf &Accomodation packages cheaper than if I rent accomodation separated from surf lessons?

Yes, you can save money with the Surf &Accomodation packages.
Thanks to a good relation with our partners we manage to get a good deal for you!

Can i take accomodation and surf lessons and the person who comes with me just accomodation?

Yes, you can take one surf package and the other person just chilling.

Can i have only the lessons?

Yes, we’re pleased to teach you surfing!!:) More information in this link.

Surf Equipment

Can we rent surf equipment with atlantic coast?

Yes. More information on this link. However you’re supposed to know how to surf and have some knowledge of the currents.

Can I go explore the region and surf with a rented surfboard in other spot?


What's the level of surfing that you need to surf in Porugal?

Because of the number of surf spots there’s always a break for every level of surfer.

Are there any rip currents in the surf spots of Portugal?

Yes, however if you learn to surf with us it’s something you don’t have to worry about. Plus we teach you on the surf lessons how to handle with it.


What are the nearest surf spots?

Praia Azul – uncrowded sand bottom beach break and some points and reefs breaks.
Santa Cruz
Peniche: You have world class wave Super tubos and in Baleal – Lagido, Baia and Cantinho da Baia.
Ericeira – famous for world class point breaks, like Ribeira d’Ilhas. But you have also easy waves like Matadouro and other beach breaks.

What's the level of surfing that you need to surf in Porugal?

Because of the number of surf spots there’s always a break for every level of surfer.

How is the air and water temperature ...

a.) … during summer months? (July – September)
During summer months, the water temperature is at about 20 degrees and the air at 20 to 30 degrees. We recommend a 3/2 or 4/3 wetsuit. A shorty also works on hot days.
b.) … during winter months? (December – February)
Water temperature cools down to 14 degrees. The air is at 10 to 25 degrees. We recommend a 4/3 wetsuit and surf booties during this time of the year. Plus a hood on windy days.
c.) … in mid-season?
In mid-season, you are well equipped with a 4/3 wetsuit.

Is Portugal a good place to surf?

Portugal is a very consistent surf spot, there are waves all year round. It is considered to be one of the most consistent countries to surf.

Is your region a good area to make a surf trip?

Yes. It’s considered to be one of the best surf regions in Europe. Very consistent surf spots, there are waves all year round. With world class surf towns like Ericeira and Peniche. And with uncrowded coast line full of uncrowded surprises.
Has got very famous waves, like Super Tubes considered to be the best left in Portugal, in Peniche – a true surf town.Or like Coxos, Cave or RRibeira d’Ilhas in Ericeira.

What is the best season to catch good waves?

The best season is Autumn, Winter and Spring.

Surf Safaris

In what area is this service available?

From Nazaré to the south in Algarve, including the greater Lisbon area, West region (from Ericeira to Peniche), according with conditions and season. Contact us for more info about it.

How is the medical care?

If you have the standard European preventive measures, you do not need any additional vaccinations in Portugal. The treatments here and the prescribed medicines must be paid in cash. Always ask for a detailed receipt, to make sure your health insurance company reimburses the amount later.
An additional health and return transport insurance is recommended.
Because that way you have a free choice of all doctors and the costs for a possible return transport are already covered.

Is theft a problem?

Altogether, Portugal is relatively safe. If you hire a rental car, do not leave any valuable items visible in the car. If you go to the beach or the cliffs always park the car nearby so that you can still see it from the beach.

What is the official language?

The country language is Portuguese. But English is well known.