Sustainable surfing

Sustainable surfing, Atlantic Coast Surf School efforts. Why? Because sustainability, development and success of everyone surrounding us, is our concern, we like to learn, practice and share any information that can encourage the improvement of our areas. “[Sustainable Tourism is] tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment, and host communities”. World Tourism Organization So it is with great pleasure, that Atlantic Coast Surf School is currently taking part in a certification process as a sustainable business through Biosphere Portugal. Biosphere certification is based on 3 main pillars: economic, social and environmental. Sustainability is a path to be followed and where each single step is important for the whole. From reducing the use of single-use plastic, saving water, collaborating with local suppliers and the community where we operate, the initiatives are diverse.
Clean your world for a better life!

After surfing efforts from Atlantic Coast Surf School guests and team. To leave the beach a little bit better than se found it.

Within the sustainability actions that Atlantic Coast Surf School has proposed for this certification, we highlight our participation in Primeira Onda project. In partnership with Sealand and the Municipality of Torres Vedras.
This project aims to give children from the local community the opportunity to enjoy surf lessons. With partners in privileged conditions, one of the components of the activity is a theoretical part of maritime literacy and information on the protection of the seas and oceans.
We consider this initiative of enormous value and believe that sustainability begins with the education and awareness of the younger generations.

Atlantic Coast Surf School challenges students with the 3 Trash challenge

Three Pieces of Plastic Waste

This project is just a start for a better world! After the surf lessons, we challenge our surfers and instructors to remove any plastic waste they find on the beach. The challenge of the 3 Wastes, which the Atlantic Coast Surf School develops together with students and friends, allows young and old to contribute as they can. Any plastic trash that comes out of the sand and goes to the plastic container for recycling is positive. It is the way to be more sustainable, our small contribution to a Better World!

Clean your world! Leave only foot prints behind 🙏

Don’t leave trash on the beach! Just leave your footprints in the sand and the beach a little better than you found it! This Challenge is for everyone! We challenge you and your friends to come with us on this adventure. Sustainability in surfing is part of this family! Come and discover and surf the West of Portugal in the best possible way! We have our Surf & accommodation packages, come and experience local life and surf with us. SurfHouse, Private Apartment in Praia Azul or in Family Surf Holidays with Atlantic Coast Surf School!
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