St. Martin’s Summer – Verão de São Martinho

Surf Lessons at the Atlantic coast with sunshine! In November!? surprisedlaughing

Every year is (almost) always the same. November is not only a month of epic waves, it brings some sweet surprises as well!

Autumn is suspended, summer returns.

We’ve all become used to these weather daydreams. It’s St. Martin’s Summer (Verão de São Martinho).

The warm and summer like period in the middle of November, that comes with bonfires, hot chestnuts, and drink water-foot or jeropiga, a drink with brandy and grape must, ideal to warm up after the surf lessons at the beautiful Atlantic Coast.

bonfires, hot chestnuts and epic waves

On the 11th of November to be precise. Days around that date are hot. Summer comes a few days to trick autumn, and the period is called the summer of São Martinho. The saint, despite being celebrated relatively late in comparison to the others, does not mind being honored with grilled chestnuts instead of sardines. In Portugal, the first wine of the season is tasted and the harvested chestnuts are eaten around a bonfire.

Surf Lessons at the Atlantic coast with sunshine – the meteorological explanation

It is likely that you are reading this article under a summer sun, after a lot of rain, some so intense that caused the floods.

It’s exactly what happend to our 4 legends from Belgic having surf lessons with Atlantic Coast.

Legends aside smile there is a meteorological justification for the good weather that is felt: the atmosphere is adjusting to the new season, to rebalance itself.

The period corresponds to a range of a “meteorological float” between two stations: we had the summer, the autumn equinox came and now the Earth is preparing for winter. However, the air moves as a function of solar absorbing and depends on the season. During the summer, the earth’s atmosphere absorbs more solar energy than it loses. But during the winter starts to happen otherwise. In between time, the Earth’s atmosphere adjusts to ensure energy balance, and then we can watch atypical phenomena like this.

Surf lesson on a sunshine autumn day, 10th of November

The legend of St. Martin

As for the legend, Martin was a God-fearing soldier who was riding his horse on a rainy day in winter, wrapped up in a red robe. He found a man feeling cold in the rain and hungry. Martin had no food to give him, but he had the cloak and a sword: tore his cloak in half and covered the man to warm up. And then the clouds disappeared and the sun shone again. For three days, God forgot it was autumn and the summer returned.

Legend or not, the truth is that this sun rarely fall in failure. And this year the good deed of Saint Martin it still will be worth a week of mild temperatures and strong sun.

Ohhh yeahh! Surf lessons at the Atlantic Coast with Sunshine and good waves cool

We don’t promise to have a robe to share but for sure we can share the stoke and the knowledge to you learn how to surf!

Its fun to see local sellers roasting hot chestnuts and buy a bunch rapped in a piece of paper. Magusto (making a fire on the ground to roast the chestnuts) is also typical in Sao Martinhos’ day among schools or in some villages where this is a local tradition, like Torres Vedras.

On the popular fairs, there are parades in  honor of the saint, with wine and the magusto fire by night.

Perfect finishing for a surfing day!
Take advantage and enjoy!