Knowing the safest beaches to learn to surf, is the first step to help you stop your fears.

At Atlantic Coast Surf School, we are here to make sure you feel safe and motivated to pick up a surfboard

and try navigating the ocean with us.

We’ll go through some of the spots we carefully choose to surf.

But first things first. We are going to help you unpack some solutions and myths, that might be some of your fears.

So when we think about surfing, our first fear is the waves and the ocean dept.

Well each beach has its own features and that’s the first thing we’ll take care for you,

by always choosing the safest beaches to learn surfing.

Another fear that is a myth is that to learn how to surf, you have to be in perfect physical shape. That’s not true!

Just like any sport, surfing requires a basic level of health,

and with time and practice you’ll develop more balance and coordination to tame the sea.

The beach is only safe in the summer.

This is one of the biggest myths out there, specially because most people fear the ocean and cold combined.

At Atlantic Coast Surf School, we have the best winter wetsuits to teach how to surf all year long.

We also search and find the safest beaches to learn surf each day, so that you feel safe and enjoy the lesson fully.

You’re afraid of sharks in the ocean

Portugal’s ocean temperature makes it extremely rare for sharks to appear and that’s why the praia azul in Santa Cruz,

one of the safest beaches to surf and swim without worrying about anything.

Surfing is a man’s sport. No way!

At Atlantic Coast Surf School, we have just as many women as men taking surf lessons with us.

In fact we make it very clear that no matter your age, your religion, your race or gender,

as long as you want to surf we are here to teach you and make you fall in love with surfing.


One of the safest beaches to learn surf, that you can find, is the beautifull Praia Azul.

But if the conditions aren’t good, the search it’s on! Beaches like Santa Cruz or Santa Rita are a very good option.

We can go surf in spots like Gamboa, Cerro and Campode tiro, in Baleal Bay.

Another spot we visit sometimes is Banana’s, on the South  part of Peniche Peninsula. However the tide range for scoring good conditions is short here.

Surf is not really a sport. Also a myth!
Not only is it a sport, but it’s also such a positive lifestyle that with time becomes such a good stress relief. 
And once you become more comfortable and embrace the waves, the ocean becomes your new playground. 

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