Long term surf holidays in Santa Cruz is the best you will ever have. Why?

Santa Cruz is every surfers paradise. Even if you’re a beginner, Santa Cruz is the place to go to!

You can surf any day at any time of the year.

You don’t need to search more. We have the answers to all the questions

you might have about what you need to know for long term surf holidays in Santa Cruz.

When is the best time to surf in Santa Cruz?

It all depends on your surf experience. We have different conditions all months of the year. Every month we have epic conditions somewhere close by.

And long term surf holidays in Santa Cruz, will bring fulfillness and pure joy for the new surfers. For the more advanced surfers, will only make you a better and more complete surfer.



Do I need to buy the wetsuit?

You don’t need to buy anything to surf with us. We provide all the best warm wetsuits and surfboards

so you can keep warm and focus on surfing in this spring surf trip in Santa Cruz.

How do I get to Santa Cruz? 

Lisbon airport is only 60 kilometers away from Santa Cruz, the best alternative is to rent a car at the airport,

take the highway and it’s less than an hour away trip.

Where can i stay in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz Surf Villa or Praia Azul Apartments. Two different types of accomodation close to Atlantic Coast Surf School, where you can rest, work and explore, before or after your surf sessions with us.

If you want a bit more fancy accommodation, we also have awesome rooms at Villa deluxe.

To know more details about it, contact us.

Where can I eat in Santa Cruz?

You can eat the best seafood soup ever, right in front of our surf school, at the Hotel restaurant!

In the Village you also have a really good Pizza place or Boca Santa (awesome sunset view and tasty food).

And if it’s not your taste, don’t worry because we know plenty of restaurants to guide you to.

And if it’s not your taste, don’t worry because we know plenty of restaurants to guide you trough your long term surf holidays.

We have special prices for long term surf lessons and surf lessons+accommodation

How long should I stay in Santa Cruz?

Long term surf holidays can last as long as you want!

Depending on what brings you here, if it’s just surf or if you’re working at the same time.

You can make your own taylored surfpackages and we also have special prices from 3 weeks or up.

The longer you stay, the better you will tame the surfboard and become an awesome surfer.

Doing long term surf holidays in Santa Cruz will also allow you to visit and explore the whole historical city like museums, vineyads and it’s all around nature.

How is the water temperature in spring?

Between April and June,

the water temperature is around 17 degrees celsius.

What can I do in Santa Cruz besides surf?

Join our Atlantic trekking sessions, bike tours,

skate, visit the region, Óbidos, Lisbon, wine cellars,

museums, dino park in Lourinhã,

Torres Vedras castle and many more.

How to contact us? 

Contact us through Bookings form.

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