How to pop up on a surfboard

To teach you how to pop up on a surfboard and Due to the COVID19 events, we’ve prepared a short video with some surf technique tips, to help you enjoying the waves even more, when you come surf with us!

How to pop up on a surfboard video goes through the pop up technique step by step. So that you can understand and perform a good take-off and essential principles for surfing.

Principles for surfing:
1. Look where you wanna go!
2. Posture
3. Position

Steps for a take-off:
1. Push up (arms extension)
2. Back foot setting (dominant foot close to the other leg’s knee)
3. Front foot between the hands and surfinging position
Have fuuunnnnn

Off course here looks easy, on the ocean is a bit more hard and it’s normal that you will make some mistakes.

But we’ll correct you and give constant feedback! When you start to surf, this is very important, so that you don’t keep repeting same mistakes and fall into frustration.

Keep an eye on our Blog and news, more videos and information will be coming soon.

This is for you, so please feel free to give us your feedback. Share your opinion or tell us what you would like to whatch. Like at the beach, we always try to adapt to your needs.

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