We had a most wonderful time surfing at the break of dawn! We thought it was gonna be hard to learn in the cold but to our surprise it was incredible, the water refreshing and the lighting perfect!
It was our first time surfing and I can assure you it won't be our last. Thank you Atlantic Coast Surfschool, I hope we meet again for another inspiring session!

Joanna Zeenny,

Great surf instructors, everyone's always in a good mood and making sure that we all have a great time! Obrigadão, e até a proxima! 🙂

Clara Bütow,

We had an amazing experience with Atlantic Coast Surfschool. We had our lesson first hour in the morning because we had to leave back to Madrid.. We were 3 girls and we had our surf lesson around sunrise, in a beautiful beach close to Torres Vedras. The coach was great! He taught us all the essentials in about 3 hours and we were already able to stand up on our boards! He taught us tricks and then let us try them out in the ocean.
It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun. Surfing is amazing, and we had a great experience on the beautiful coast of Portugal..
Highly recommended! 🙂

Sarah Moundalek, Designer

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